I have a pleasure to welcome you to this site dedicated to the spiritual development practices. Over the past two decades, I have combined the receipt of numerous certificates, diplomas and higher education in the business area, building a quite successful corporate career, and the study of human development practices.

On the one hand, in my 25 (many years ago), I already had two master’s degrees, completed post-graduate studies and a study at CIM and CIMA under my belt, and was a certified project manager. I held the position of Director General of four national distribution companies part of a large international corporation, receiving wages higher than that of an average Harvard Business School graduate. I could have simply continued the corporate career, “gnawing out” big profits for the employer companies and ever greater bonuses for myself.

On the other hand, I was faced with energoinformational strikes, and there were numerous situations that could not be explained by the concepts of the material world. There were also my goals for this life set even before my birth, which did not provide for “wasting” it in the office followed by an honorary pension. The combination of external threats, internal necessity, trained mind, and financial capabilities allowed me to master energoinformational practices, discarding all that is incorrect, harmful, or useless. Good thing my income and the opportunity to travel allowed to learn some interesting practices.

I believe I made the right choice. Although, it was more likely the adherence to dharma than the choice. Knowledge of yourself and the world, as well as advancement in practice can be used for the benefit of employer companies – developing social functions and providing a positive impact on the collective. Simultaneous personal development, obtaining reliable information about the world and yourself, finding your beloved companion from many reincarnations, bringing light children into the world, and learning real love with the union of all the main chakras and the subtle bodies. It is much more valuable and interesting than ordinary existence.

The thing that the correct practice of yoga, Qigong, extrasensory perception, magic, and religious practices have in common is their opposition to the material world. Namely, working with the ‘subtle’. These are different levels of the subtle, represented by different vibrations. Subtler or more mundane ones. Carrying a variety of possibilities and a variety of consequences. But everyone – a holy person, healing with the Creator’s vibrations, a bioenergetics practitioner, working with the energies of their etheric body, and a light magician, eliminating the consequences of the work of dark ones – have learned how to sense. How to feel the vibrations inside and outside of themselves and generate these vibrations, or interact with them.

Take the Reiki practice, for example. This is a ‘mild’ practice – it will not protect you from magic or heal from the impact of a sorcerer. These are not the Creator’s vibrations, despite the delusions of those who have not yet learned to measure the level, subtlety, and informational content of vibrations. These are predominantly the top astral flows, light vibrations, roughly in the middle between the mundane vibrations of the material world and the ultra-subtle vibrations of the Creator. A beginner Reiki practitioner can harm the patient by feeding excess Reiki energy to the body organ in the ‘acute’ energoinformational stage (aggravated or inflamed condition), filled with heavy hot vibrations.

But if you have been able to find a real Master Teacher who conducts a full and correct spectrum of vibrations and who is fully connected to the Reiki egregor – such a Master can get you into a sufficiently good shape for a full Reiki initiation. Becoming a Reiki conductor, you learn to feel and distinguish vibrations more effectively. And if you decide to do wet and dry fasting to lose weight or cleanse, or finally change the diet you have adhered to for a long time and are still trying to change to no avail – it is the Reiki energy that will be a good support for your body during fasting or physical activity.

If you follow the path of awareness, spiritual development, and Enlightenment, you will be a bit of everything – magician, clairvoyant, healer, and priest. This is the kind of folklore images with which your skills will be associated.

Learning a lot of practices and mastering the most expedient and effective ones, I was developing myself and observing positive changes in my students. Having exhausted the need to be in the corporate environment, and having realized my main objectives to this point, I now strive to help people remember the purpose of their arrival into this world. Help them follow their personal path of development and attain Enlightenment, regardless of religious beliefs – using the Triple Integrity Methodology.

People do need help, and not only laymen – but also those whom I call people with matching goals, ‘those who have once returned’, i.e. the entities who have come to this world hoping for the last visit, to complete all the deeds and gain the experience necessary for Enlightenment. Having looked at the main modern-day ‘spiritual gurus and leaders’, and having seen what kind of vibrations these people carry in themselves and into the world, I should note that among the fifteen key western, or three dozen world gurus, there is one who co-vibrates with the Creator more than me, and there is one who co-vibrates with the Creator less. The rest of the spiritual leaders either conduct primitive gross vibrations, as they are filled with passions and have nothing good to teach you, or are just shallow persons. The discovery of shallow persons, who are unable to sense subtle vibrations, among the most famous and revered gurus, the «Enlightened» ones, the spiritual teachers of world importance – makes us pay special attention to the ability to sense vibrations and independently evaluate them. There is no freedom without information, although I myself write about the reliable ways of obtaining and evaluating information in the book – but here I once again realize how serious this statement is, and how important the need to learn and understand things on your own is.

In total, there is currently a five-digit number of ‘those who have once returned’ in the world, who are, just like me, called upon to carry the vibrations of the Creator, light, and knowledge into the world – and only two of them are considered as a world guru of the appropriate level and scale. Fake spiritual leaders dominate due to the fact that people do not have access to reliable information, yet there is an abundance of unreliable information. The same difficulties in the search for reliable knowledge are relevant to ‘those who have once returned’, who must themselves tread the path to awareness in a new rebirth, understand themselves and the world, and come to find the Creator through free will.

I know what I am talking about, understanding this world’s structure, working with subtle vibrations, and effectively helping and teaching; therefore, the material of this site can give readers the necessary basis for their personal development. A person can put together a picture of the world, understand what and how to practice further, and in which direction to move without the need to search and read numerous books and gurus – including successfully doing without my books and training.

Please contact if you decide to undergo my group or individual training, address some problem situations, understand the purpose and meaning of life, learn to develop love, understand the possible options for the future, obtain information for decision-making, and eliminate negative energoinformational impact, both from people, and from objects and phenomena (such as the geopathic zones). The following site www.tripleintegrity.com is dedicated to my services.



The Triple Integrity Methodology