Drawing on knowledge

We have to develop ourselves. We receive a lot of harmful and unreliable information from the material world and a lot of harmful and unreliable vibrations from the bottom astral plane. We can safely say that until we achieve at least the level of combining mundane vibrations with soulful and Spiritual ones, most energoinformational vibrations brought to us from without will be mundane. At this stage, we are striving to attain soulfulness and the beginnings of Spirituality, to increase our ability to recognize, experience, and carry soulful vibrations, to love, to live a meaningful life, and to develop. At the same time, we are also striving to reducing the possibilities for the lower astral level to plant mundane vibrations in us with the aim of making us resonate to them. To follow this path, we must learn to recognize vibrations as the first step in obtaining a reliable picture of the world and the situation at hand. We should not trust someone else’s description, story, call, sermon, advice, or interpretation of the situation. We must be able to identify the vibration behind the information and the person who provides it, and only then make a decision. If this is a soulful-Spiritual mentor, then we accumulate the information he provides, check its vibrations, and then take into our worldview the parts confirmed by the vibrations. Let us not be deceived by pretty words, the artistic appeal of the guru, skilled rhetoric, the presence of numerous followers, various miracles and healings. Let us not add to the list of victims of psychic con artists or astral channelers. We possess free will and must evaluate vibrations ourselves, make our own decisions, and further develop in whatever ways of obtaining reliable information we have.

The information is primarily needed as knowledge for our development. But we cannot confine ourselves to this. We also want to receive information to make the right decisions and influence the forming future.

Human being is the carrier of free will. They do not have any scenario of the future, from which they cannot deviate. There is a group of options, or scenarios, which have their own likelihood of occurrence at the time of measurement. By their actions and efforts, or through inaction and passivity, the person can make one of the scenarios leading, contrary to the fact another scenario was previously dominating.

Now imagine that you have a three-way fork – scenarios similar in probability, and a good time to make one of them dominant. This is provided that you have information from a psychic of the bottom astral plane. One who extracts information from the top astral plane has greater access to information; they see four, not three scenarios, and they have other probability of occurrence. Those who extract information from the mental world vibrations will have five scenarios, and three of them do not match the original. And so on – those who draw information at the level of the subtlest vibrations can have, for example, seven scenarios, among which (with very low probability) there will be one in which Enlightenment is attained (realizing karma and dharma). Scenarios visible to the bottom astral plane do not take into account events and factors with subtler vibrations. In general, there are plenty of scenarios; we dismiss most of them as unlikely – but it is them that we begin to follow when it becomes necessary to make one of the secondary scenarios dominant.

Ask for advice only from a person who conducts vibrations at least at the level of the lower Divine plane. And only if you are an adequate interlocutor, whom they will take the risk to help – only in this case that they will look at the scenarios, understand something about you, and what can and cannot be said. At most, they will tell you about individual scenarios, explain how to reach a particular scenario, and what actions should you take to change the priority scenario.

If you are full of mundane vibrations, which prevail all the time, despite some soulfulness, you manage to get advice from the Teacher, and, following the advice and overcoming yourself, go through different initiations and, for example, fasting – then new scenarios with the possibility of attaining soulfulness, and even Spirituality, can be achieved.

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