Development of Spirituality

The human being’s true priorities, their worldview, the extent of their spiritual awareness and development, current stage of personal evolvement, the number of reincarnations and the degree of their success, the energy inherited from parents, innate and lifetime-acquired karma, their childhood, family, upbringing, the sum of the situations encountered and the ways they acted in each of them, energoinformational impacts, damage to their subtle structures, physical traumas, health condition, and other interdependent factors – all determine what kind of human being the individual is at a given moment, both on the energoinformational and physical level.

Many esoteric systems assert the subtle as the primary cause of everything that takes place in the physical world. The most radical of those claim that every event is a result of the person’s previous actions, i.e. his karma. In reality, things are not exactly as clear-cut.

For instance, two people may or may not become a couple, having each other’s way preferable for the Spirit on the one hand, and on the other, having full freedom of action both of partners, and of everyone who is capable of influencing them, limited only by the person’s free will and, well, foolishness. Let’s say they did become a couple and had a child. Here, the subtle has the priority. The fact is that with all the energoinformational issues or karma influences these two people have, or even with their current energoinformational state alone, the possibility of conceiving a child depends on more than just the people’s desire. The energoinformational factors play a major role in determining what kind of sexual intercourse and with which energoinformational background will lead to conception, which sperm cell will join which ovum, and what kind of processes will take place in the future child’s DNA. Then the child gets born and starts growing as a human being. At this point, both biologically and in terms of energoinformation, many things have already been put in the child’s head. But then a myriad other factors – the actions of their parents and other people around them, who and in what way will bring them joy or grief, injure, or support, and thousands of decisions they will make of their own free will – will determine what kind of person they become. Each time the children act according to instinct or emotion, each time they obey someone or something and react not in the way they wanted, as well as each time they fight off external influence and act according to their understanding and not instinctively or emotionally – all these moments change and consolidate their energoinformational state. At the present time, the energoinformational state reflects the sum of all factors manifested in the current degree of self-understanding, in the condition of the energies, chakras, channels, meridians, and subtle fields, expressing and shaping the resulting picture that we see in the physical world and describe with the familiar terms such as body, mind, or psychology.

At the current time, the subtle component determines the material world manifestations. But we should not forget how the person has achieved their present subtle state, resulting from the multitude of the person’s actions in the material world, including their experiences and thoughts. This is why there are two alternative ways to achieve further positive changes – the external influence of a Teacher, or one’s own work with their mind, feelings, experiences, and body. Human being can, on their own or with the help of others, bring changes that will be reflected in their energoinformational component. Of course, the karma of  one’s parents, their family tree, their own karma from past incarnations as well as the karma a person has acquired so far in their lifetime all have a substantial influence on them. However, in terms of decision-making, karma is always the lesser factor when compared to the person’s free will, or the free will of the Spirit as, prior to the next incarnation, it is the Spirit that makes decisions. Neither the current karma, nor the energoinformational baggage from the past cannot prevail over free will. This is not to say that karma or the current condition do not mean anything. They do. Understanding the essence of the current state of their karma, the person can affect the specifics of when and how they will resolve a particular karmic situation or how to evolve so that the need to resolve it loses its relevance and disappears.

Consequently, the process of the person co-vibrating to the subtle is interdependent. It is true that the influence of the subtle is great, from the possibility of conception to the current moment. However, the sum of the person’s own decisions leads to unforeseen consequences. Pain, cruelty, violence – all this is, unfortunately, an unavoidable result of free will in action. It is the very world that we create with our egotism – but through which we may evolve, walking the path from instincts and passions to soulfulness and from soulfulness to Spirituality, eventually attaining our ultimate objective, in the name of which we have arrived in the material world in the first place, as free sparks of awareness.

Learn in details how to develop soulfulness – overcome the dominance of instincts, passions, mundane vibrations, open your soul, which is reflected, among other things, in the openness and fullness of the 4th and 5th chakras.

The further development of the human, the realization of oneself, the world, and the Creator, lays the ground for the development of the sixth chakra, co-vibration to the lower Divine plane, the arrival of Prophets bringing the word and vibrations of the Creator into the world, and later for the coming of the Creator – Jesus Christ, the Son of God and God at the same time, opening the ability to fully develop the seventh and other chakras, the possibility of full knowledge of oneself and the Creator, of joining completely with one’s Spirit, and further channeling the word and vibrations of the Creator into the world to humans. The Prophets continue to come in the following eras to support people and help them move from mundane cults or soul religions to Spiritual ones. But the Creator’s visitation has taken place only once. Although before and after this visit, He comes into the world through the spiritualization of His children who have attained Enlightenment and who are often called Prophets.

Based on the teachings of Prophets and the Son of God, world religions, or rather their egregors, are formed, enabling people to interact with the most subtle vibrations, to transition from soulfulness to Spirituality, to achieve Enlightenment, to bring one’s awareness and purity to the level sufficient for joining with one’s Spirit as it opens and becomes the leading force within one’s being – and with the Creator, as the vibrations of our Spirit and the Creator are identical.

Thus, everyone can go their own way from the Spirit to instincts and passions, then from passions and emotions to soulfulness, and on from soulfulness to Spirituality, co-vibrating to increasingly more subtle levels, choosing one’s personal path of development, and creating one’s own, unique combination of mundane vibrations, soulfulness, and Spirituality.

For my part, I can help you assess at what level of spiritual development you currently are, how you should further develop and move to the spiritualization of the soul and body, and determine your further options and possible goals after stopping the cycles of rebirth.

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