Soulfulness development

Before proceeding to the sequence of internal changes from the mundane to soulfulness to Spirituality – against the backdrop of the development of awareness – we must first stop briefly on the question of their evolutionary validity. As a starting point, let’s take the tribes of primitive people, who have just passed from the naked instincts to the basics of emotions, feelings, and reason. For our purposes, it does not matter how people have arrived at this starting point – what matters is what kind of people they are at this moment and how they develop further.

At first, instincts dominate as the basis of survival in the material world. Initially, it is the survival instinct as well as its reflection in the instinct of procreation – the fury of fighting for survival, any degree of aggression towards strangers, the willingness to sacrifice oneself for the sake of one’s offspring. In terms of the energoinformational component, these vibrations are the closest to the material world, that is, from the energy perspective, the most mundane ones, concerned with the development of the first chakra, the use of the lower astral level vibrations towards fulfilling the design of the physical evolution – changes in the spine and other bones, upright walking, etc. – and the survival and further development of the species, taking advantage of the bottom astral plane vibrations. The first people capable of sensory awareness, who were the precursors of shamans, begin to acquire information about the material world from the bottom astral plane. The survival of humankind as intelligent beings would not be possible without this ability to distinguish between poisonous and non-poisonous plants, insects, animals, mushrooms, etc., the ability to prepare them for culinary or medicinal use. What is edible after all? How a certain sequence of operations involving a lot of toxic components produces something useful in the end? How things are done in general? Figuring out the answers to these questions would be impossible without a period of development involving the lower astral level vibrations and information from the bottom astral plane transmitted to the first sensory-aware people.

Instincts, emotions, and passions are manifestations of the energies of the bottom astral plane as a whole, of all its three levels – the vibrations of the lower astral level co-vibrating the first chakra, the vibrations of the middle astral level co-vibrating the second chakra, and the vibrations of the top astral level co-vibrating the third chakra. Then further development of instincts sees the emergence and development of emotions, continued evolution of the human body, the digestive system, the integument, etc., and further evolution of the community evidences the willingness to sacrifice oneself not only for the sake of one’s child (basic instincts), but also for the sake of other people’s children or the community as a whole, to sacrifice one’s own interests for the sake of relatives. A growing culture of shamanism is established and constantly receives vibrations and information from the lower astral level. Given the mundane nature of vibrations at this point, the results of people’s contact with the vibrations of the lower astral level are not only information, but also human and animal sacrifices – useless, performed out of fear of astral beings who frighten the shamans and, in the near future, will frighten the priests. These beings, adept at arousing fear and responsible for the concept of sacrificing to the ‘higher powers’, have never had anything to do with the astral structures, which have transmitted vibrations and knowledge vital for humankind for generations. At the lower astral level, these types of entities have continued to evolve, and today they successfully feast on the developed and multiplied humanity, their favorite food being the vibrations of the bottom astral plane that humans emit together with a part of their life force when experiencing negative emotions and passions, as well as at times of indulgence. Consequently, it is in the best interests of these parasitic beings to keep a person selfish, emanating mundane vibrations when offended, and cruel so as to elicit mundane vibrations from victims. Co-vibrating with the person’s mundane vibrations, they attempt to blow up their Ego with the most favorable outcome for them – up to local conflicts and global wars. Note which countries, governments, and groups of people are given to fanning out conflicts and becoming the main cause of numerous wars in foreign territories. These generators of military conflicts are not typically Catholic, Orthodox, or Buddhist. Also note the way these governments keep the masses in the state of donors for the lower astral level, not allowing effective spiritual practices, as well as donors giving sustenance to their own power – consumers, reliable permanent patients of the healthcare system, taxpayers, obedient members of the electorate convinced that they actually choose or decide on something. This is why, both in the ancient times and nowadays, human being remains a food source for an entire host of the lower astral level entities until they overcome the mundane vibrations in themselves; over the millennia, these lower astral level entities have honed their parasitic skills and learned to absorb negative vibrations of all levels of the bottom astral plane. There is no need for the lower astral level beings to communicate through shamans or priests with people accumulating money and power – it is enough for them to support the mundane vibrations of rulers in their cravings, ambitions, and passions. For this reason, overcoming of their instincts and making their Ego serve the interests of their soul despite the influence of the existing social and political systems is no easy task for humans.

It is very useful to realize that the subtle world develops along with the human. The most profound changes occur within subtle worlds when human, as a result of evolution, begins to interact with them, co-vibrate, and exchange information. Indeed, can we assume that while humans were busy mastering instincts, passions, and emotions, interacting only with the middle astral level, for all these tens of thousands of years, the Divine world remained the same as it is now? Whether it has, for all this time, been filled with advanced particles of awareness, bored in their waiting for people to grow up enough to interact with them? If it had not been for the hundreds of millions of births and deaths, victories and defeats in the evolution of man, there would have been no energoinformational structure associated with our planet, no subtle worlds with their current state and contents, and no egregors passing through them. The concept of the collective unconscious as an accumulation of ancestral experience proposed by Carl Gustav Jung partially reflects the real process of the subtle worlds’ evolution.

Soulfulness can be provisionally divided into three consecutive stages. Stage One is the development of the fourth chakra, co-vibrating to the supreme astral level, the transition from instincts and emotions to the ability to experience feelings and to love, as well as the development of creative power, art, and all which is based on the ability to experience feelings. As the supreme astral itself develops alongside the human as a result of exchanging vibrations and information, the (now more developed) human establishes contact with the subtler worlds. In place of shamanism, which is associated with the lower astral level, some regions (Egypt, Mesopotamia) see the emergence of the priesthood, which is able to communicate also with the middle, and later with the upper astral level. Next, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and Judaism develop, with some of the priests still able to communicate only with the lower astral level, not evolving – such as in Mesoamerican civilizations.

Stage Two is the further development of the mind alongside the development of the fifth chakra and the latter’s co-vibration in parallel to the developing mental world. In this process, the fourth chakra acts as a link between the three lower chakras and the fifth one. In their temples, priests become the keepers of scientific knowledge, among other things. This stage sees the emergence of logic, the beginnings of science outside the priesthood, and the power of reason approaching modern levels as philosophy develops.

Stage Three is the integrative, synergistic effect of the development of feelings and mind, the fourth and the fifth chakras and their co-vibrating to the respective subtle levels. Soulfulness as the ability to feel and think rises above the limitations of instincts and emotions and takes on its modern form. Millions of instances of love between human beings – marriages for love, children conceived, born, and raised in love and conception for love – enable multitudes of the newly reincarnated human beings to learn not just to feel but to feel and love to the full richness and acuity of perception. The human ability to cognize grows tremendously. Stonehenge is built. The foundations for the development of such pre-Christian religions as Mithraism are laid. A vast treasure trove of knowledge is collected in the Hinduist Vedas. This stage’s key processes are the accumulation of a critical mass of soulfulness and prevailing over mundane vibrations. Just as a human embryo growing in the mother’s body repeats the stages of human evolutionary development, the newborn person passes through mundane vibrations as through evolutionary stages. And when this person has the opportunity to grasp the essence of the Creator, a clear ability to feel it (the fourth chakra, the development of the ability to feel), to understand it (the fifth chakra, the mind), to hear the hinting voice of one’s own Spirit at the level of the Creator’s vibrations (through the sixth and seventh chakras), even the smallest desire, awareness, and effort is enough to overcome the mundane vibrations – or at least to put the life of one’s soul before everything else and take a step towards Spirituality. We should not view the parents, the environment, society, etc. as factors disconnecting the child from God; this is just a natural process of everyone’s personal evolution, where the dominant force is the sum of free wills of all participants. We should not view negatively the mundane nature of the vibrations that increasingly fill the child in the first years of its life, crowding out the vibrations of the Creator. This is a development stage everyone must go through. Initially, Spirituality is the prevailing force within the child, thanks to the vibrations of the Spirit, with primary instincts already at work. As the child develops, it passes through the individually specific process of development of instincts, emotions, and feelings. Without it, there would have been no survival and development of humans as a species, no overcoming of oneself, and no conscious step in the direction of soulfulness and Spirituality.

I can help you understand at what level of mental development you are, what barriers and challenges lie ahead of you, and what options there are for overcoming them.

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