Protection from magic

If you are already familiar with what hides behind the concept of Magic, it becomes clear that it does not concern protection from magic – but the elimination of the negative impact of various vibration types (bottom astral, top astral, and mental plane) on different “elements” of your functioning. The elements of functioning, which may be affected, include:

• Conditionally accidental harm to health;

• Direct harm to physical health;

• Indirect harm to physical health;

• Hidden coersion;

• Open scenario coercion;

• Obstruction of karmic working off.

Conditionally accidental harm to health is when your so-called “friends” gossip about you out of envy or dislike, spouting negative thoughts. Or your colleagues at work and their mates get pretty bent out of shape over your success. Or when anyone close to you unconsciously enjoys messing with someone’s head, including with yours. You get energoinformational injury, your subtle fields break, you lose vital forces. Due to such a weakening, your luck runs out, and negative effects on the subtle level have consequences in the form of diseases at the physical level.

In this case, the negative impact here is quite weak, and you can protect against it using correctly sanctified icons (emitting vibrations of the Divine world); minerals and stones, picked by people who can feel the type and strength of vibrations; amulets correctly filled with vibrations; energoinformational protection offered by those systems with which you can work. In addition, it is advisable to periodically “cleanse” by visiting a teacher working with energoinformational practices; visiting a priest or a monk who knows how to conduct subtle vibrations; using energoinformational cleaning methods with which you can work.

Jinxes, evil eye, and curses deliberately directed at you and seriously damaging your energoinformational structure, blocking and damaging the etheric body and energy circulation in the system cause direct harm to physical health. When the attack is professional, you will feel bad right away; the damage to the physical body manifests itself more every minute or hour, depending on the impact’s strength and artfulness. There are many ways to do it – the ill-wishers used their own powers, directly or through rituals; turn to the forces or entities of the bottom astral plane; plant negatively charged objects; coming under severe energoinformation-related injuries – not only your health rapidly deteriorates, vital forces reduce, but you can also lose the rationality of decision-making, the ability and willingness to seek help, you can get into accidents or get injured after falling unexpectedly (including getting run over by a car); in addition, geopathic zones – under the place of your sleep or your workplace – will follow you and your family. Spending even half a year near a geopathic zone, depending on its type, may well lead you to a heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc.

In this case, the protection methods outlined above are not enough – they are easily bypassed; you could not handle it by yourself unless you are a skilled practitioner. But the cleansing methods may help. Therefore, your task is to notice that something is wrong (despite the fact that you won’t feel like noticing anything). Exercise, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle will help you have a greater amount of vitality, greater size, density, and integrity of the biofield, and you will be increasingly out of reach for such impacts. In addition, it will be easier for you to notice that something is wrong and that you have been hit. When you do notice that something is wrong – immediately apply the cleansing techniques available to you, or contact with familiar teachers for diagnosis and cleansing, as well as maintenance of protection.

Indirect harm to physical health usually arises when there is hidden coercion. You are affected by energoinformational pressure, which, in particular, reduces your health, but this is not what the person who attacked you had in mind.

The most common hidden coercion is a love spell. Breakup spell and celibacy wreath are also common; often, a love spell and a breakup spell are cast at the same time. When a love spell is cast, your 1st or 2nd chakra are hit. A bond to the customer is made so that you have a sexual desire for this person. At the same time, due to the hit, your health at the level of the corresponding chakras will constantly deteriorate. Moreover, the 4th chakra also suffers in a love spell; an attachment is formed to the customer so that you experience heartache when being away from the customer, so that that it seemed to you that you love him/her and be attracted to this person. It is clear that your health in the area of the 4th chakra is also constantly deteriorating. In general, the vitality of the spell victim, their success, and their health are constantly deteriorating. While a breakup spell distances partners from one another and violates the exchange of energy in sex and communication. Celibacy wreath means a blocking, usually in women, of the second chakra. It disrupts the circulation of energy, and there is no exchange of energy during sex. Such a woman is unconsciously less attractive for relationships and for partners, they are less attracted to her, and it is difficult for her to get pregnant.

Cleansing a person’s energy does not suffice to eliminate such hidden damage. It is also necessary to fill a person with vital forces and help them change habitual behavior. It is best to turn to strong and light teachers.

It is worth mentioning the hidden coercion, of which people who use it often have no idea. I’m talking about praying for someone, or trying to bless them. If you conduct vibrations of the bottom astral plane (lower, middle or upper levels), or the highest astral, or even mental – you should not pray for the successes of another adult person, or to try to bless them, for example, by signing etc. More precisely, in doing so, you either do not generate anything energoinformational (if you are unable), or you unleash a “bundle” of vibrations of the appropriate level upon a person, which will damage their subtle fields, and/or try to force a person to some kind of behavior. It is not good either for them or for you. Learn to conduct the vibrations of at least the lower Divine world, or better the vibrations of the upper Divine world or the Creator, and then your prayer or blessing will be beneficial for any person (or at least harmless, and not infringing upon free will).

Open scenario coercions are astrologers, fortunetellers, clairvoyants, and psychics who receive and transmit the vibrations of the bottom astral to the world. Using a mix of reliable and unreliable information, they will guide you (albeit unconsciously) to them, to the life scenario preferable for their “sponsors from the bottom astral.” This scenario is in no way optimal for you, for your Spirit, or for your goals for this life set before birth.

It is contrary to your destiny. Degradation instead of development leads to occurring problem situations for you to work off. Karma of your kind also throws you some work. Such situations related to health problems should be addressed on your own. With the help of medicine, diet, and sports – but not healers. A spiritual healer will not take your case when he sees the cause of the illness. While a mundanely vibrating healer will gladly try to heal you, and maybe he can even “manage” by injecting mundane vibrations into your energoinformational structure. But the situation won’t improve either at deeper levels, or at the level of causes; on the contrary – it will worsen; you will lose time, money, and then get an even tougher situation to work off. Therefore, you should solve such problems yourself; you need to develop – become the person whom the world does not have to push forward.

In the field of protection from magic, I can help you in many ways. Diagnosing the situation, eliminating the energoinformational damage, partially or completely eliminating its consequences, establishing and maintaining protection, teaching to defend or counterattack. Diagnosing and blocking geopathic zones. So do not hesitate to contact me if you want to dive into the subtle world, and if necessary, completely protect yourself from the negative impact, as well as have quiet later life.

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