The book “TRIPLE INTEGRITY – About a Human Being Development” is currently being prepared for publication in English, German, and Russian. The book concerns the structure of people and the world, the interaction of a person with the subtle plane. It describes the purpose of creating a person and the opportunities for personal development, taking into account the achievement of love and family happiness.

The book absorbed the experience of cognizing the world of many millennia; it will be useful to all those who aspire to push the frontiers of their knowledge. Whether you are interested in magic and sorcery, or protection from them, or you want to overcome a string of bad luck, or just be happy in life. Whether you practice yoga, or are interested in the opportunity to learn and adjust the future in ways that are more reliable than astrology and predictions, or extrasensory perception. Every reader, regardless of their religion, preferred practices, level of awareness, and life goals, will find useful information that will definitely come in handy in their life.

This book gives an understanding of the world, of oneself, and of one’s position in the world. It reveals the ways of achieving goals. In addition, the book will serve as the basis for a series of books on Reiki practices, Vibration Frequencies, and the Egregor-based  practice of making one’s wishes come true, the development of the body through diets and physical practices, the development of abilities to obtain reliable information from a subtle plane, the practice of hesychasm, or yoga.

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