What do the words ‘magic’, ‘wizardry’, and ‘sorcery’ mean to us? They do not stand for any specific and clear concepts, therefore, these words will have individual meaning for each person, depending on their region of birth, the fairy tales they heard in the childhood, the books they read, their favorite games, fears or hopes. The magic, which we find in the fantasy books or fairy tales, contemporary movies or computer games, does not exist. And although there are no ‘good wizards’, ‘evil magicians’ do exist.

The geopathogenic zone, which is poorly recorded by physical instruments, but has a negative impact on people living above it. It still can be detected by means of energoinformational ways of obtaining information and confirmed by the problems of people suffering from it. Is it magic? Whether the blocking of the geopathic zone aimed at stopping its negative impact is magic?

The death spell, which leads to increasing health problems, complications in business, indifference to life, and a succession of accidents – is it magic?

Bioenergetics, when a bioenergetics practitioner puts the patient into shape using their personal energy – is it magic or healing? What about a Reiki session, when a person turning to the Higher Powers receives energy spent on the patient? What about the Vibration Frequences, when a Сosmoenergy practitioner asks the Higher Forces to cast the Vibration Frequencies at the customer to remove a spell, a curse, or many other injuries? A person, who has just been weak and unwilling to live, turns into their former self, full of vitality, confidence in themselves and in the future in a matter of hours.

What about the materialization of objects accessible to extremely rare representatives of subtle worlds and spiritual leaders – is it religion or magic? What about the blessing by a holy monk, who made your chakras open, improved your health, and removed the foreign negative impact with his presence – is it religion, ‘holy’ magic, or spiritual healing?

Is the receipt of information by capturing the vibrations with your palm, capturing visual images, or through the sensations you get – magic? Whether a clairvoyant is a magician? What about a psychic?

Undoubtedly, inflicting a blow or an impact to a person by a dark magician is sorcery. The work of a sorcerer with the demonic essence of the bottom astral to obtain information or attack people is also primitive magic. For some, it is a purpose and dream, which involves meaningless ritual practices of Satanism guided by books, and even a religion. And how do we interpret an adept sending their subtle body to the astral planes to communicate with a representative of the top astral? Is it magiс or religion? What about when a successful yoga practitioner, who does not believe in the existence of the Creator, communicates with the Divine World forces through meditation – is it religion? The humanity does not an ‘agreed glossary’ of definitions understandable to all.

There is a definition for ‘magic’ as a set of actions and words with miraculous properties, capable of subordinating supernatural forces. The definition is incorrect, since magic is based on an internal effort, does not require the presence of supernatural forces for dialogue, and does not subordinate the supernatural forces when communicating with them. Ritual magic, when people simply perform a series of actions in the hope of a result, will not lead to anything unless accompanied by the correct internal effort of the adept.

In fact, there is only one thing that is efficient – namely, the work with subtle vibrations. Initially, it was the shamans who came into contact with the subtle, then the votaries, and later the priests. But they forgot that believers (not to mention the priests) need to be in the Creator’s vibrations, that the church should be a real assistant for believers in the refinement of their vibrations to enter into the direct communion with God, churches must be filled with spiritual vibrations, and the priests should be able to conduct and summon them. There have always been the ones who have selfishly used anything for personal enrichment to the detriment of others – weapons, power, or work with vibrations.

Today, magic is weak skills of working with the subtle and vibrations, which we do not attribute to healing or religion, which have survived to this day. If you bring an item charged with negative energy – such as, for example, family jewelry – into a functioning church for cleansing at the altar with the relics of a saint – this is religion. If you bring the item for cleansing to a healer or conductor of the Higher Forces – this is spiritual healing. If you bring the item for cleansing to a person who consciously practices magic – this is white magic. If you bring the item to a magician for charging with mundane vibrations, and then give it to someone you want to harm – this is black magic. And in each case, work with vibrations – the ones with which a person is able and willing to work – will be carried out.

Working with vibrations to satisfy lowly desires and instincts, or working with energies or entities, representatives or forces of the bottom astral can be called black magic, or sorcery. Even if there is an attempt to be a healer or priest. If you are a clairvoyant, the information received will only be partially reliable, highly distorted, and to the detriment of those to whom it is provided.

If you work for a positive result for all people involved based on subtler vibrations, it will be magic bordering with the practices of Enlightenment. Being able to work with vibrations and controlling their level, you can teach a priest to pray to the Creator more successfully, perhaps even do it for real for the first time in his life.

My assistance is possible in working with vibrations at all levels. If we are talking about mundane vibrations, forced negative states, negative radiation from objects, pictures, or geopathic zones – I can help both with protection from such negative influences, and with their elimination.

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