The Triple Integrity Methodology

The methodology of TRIPLE INTEGRITY is based on certain experience in energoinformational practices and their combinations, first at the level of a student or a patient, then at the level of a successful practitioner, and finally at the level of a Mentor, providing necessary support throughout these three stages of search and development, and combining sensation, mental effort, and transcendental experience. It is targeted work with the body, soul, and Spirit aimed to help overcome passions and mundane vibrations, to develop soul life and Spirituality, to permeate the soul and body with the Creator’s vibrations, channel the Creator’s will and light into the world, and fulfill one’s personal mission in development, as predetermined by one’s own Spirit. The process brings results with the help of the Triple Integrity methodology and its synergistic effect – mutually supportive development of the body, soul, and Spirit, additionally enhanced by daily practices and their sequence – as well as its integrative effect, which, with all the richness of the modern meaning of this concept, signifies a holistic approach that simultaneously takes into account all micro-components of the development system.

The range of practices and techniques that can help you achieve the desired is extremely wide. If you are a follower of one of the world’s religions, and it is important for you to remain one, you will be able to feel the vibrations of the Creator and move towards God within your chosen confession, practicing prayers, mantras, and other religious rituals with a higher degree of effectiveness. If you are not committed to any religion and egregor, you can follow the path of transparency. And if you are ready to take the most effective and diverse way – your own way – then your personalized program may include physical practices, manual therapy, vegetarian or vegan diet with periods of therapeutic fasting for physical healing and Enlightenment, Reiki, Vibration Frequencies, Egregor-based practice of desire fulfillment, yoga (as an energoinformational practice), lithotherapy and aromatherapy, meditation, mental graphics, singing bowls, and much more.

If you do not strive for Enlightenment, but simply would like to improve a particular side of your life (boost your body function, get rid of mental problems, build a relationship, improve your financial well-being, shake off the influence of others or an old life script, get in touch with true magic or protect yourself from it), you will also be able to learn a whole lot of necessary, useful, and interesting things.

The TRIPLE INTEGRITY is a flexible methodology of spiritual development, involving work with the body, soul, and Spirit, both separately and simultaneously (with the effect of synergy and integrality), allowing to move effectively to Consciousness, immortality through the spiritualization of the soul by Spirit (with the formation of an immortal Soul), and Enlightenment, on an individually selected path. This is a real opportunity for spiritual development – either to achieve your goals for the current life, or move forward over dozens of ‘ordinary’ rebirths. At the same time, you need to develop in a measurable manner, communicating with the Creator and independently receiving reliable information from the Divine planes (lower or upper), rather than do it abstractly, hypothetically, and theoretically. This is an opportunity to find what people are painstakingly looking for from life to life, but here and now.

Your body is an element of your success or failure in spiritual development. The body can be neglected if you focus on spiritual practices. For example, if you perform austere penance or offer prayers when working on your soul, totally neglecting the ‘vessel’ that accommodates it. Or when you accumulate and conduct energy when working with energies without increasing the ability of the body, joints, and tendons, and ‘somehow’ systematically gain weight, or simply become increasingly immobile and rigid. But the efficiency of such a body is low. Instead of a ‘backbone’ in spiritual development, which supports us in all our endeavors, our body becomes a burden – we quickly get tired, do not have the strength to do all that is needed to be done, the vital energy is spent expeditedly due to the injuries and illnesses, and part of the results of our practice is spent on maintaining the body at the functioning level.

How and what we eat, how we work and rest, how we sleep, what physical activities keep up in shape – all this matters in our spiritual development (it is not crucial, but essential). All people are partially damaged – or sick, if simply put – as a result of their lifestyle, errors in the division of cells accumulated with age, and the karmic consequences of their past and current life. Working with the body using some energy practices, provided that the work is correct and efficient, you will not succeed in bringing your body in a perfect condition. Entropy leads us to the end of the life path of a given body, and we support it, disintegrating more slowly and not as much as without practices. Even the attainment of the maximum Enlightenment, Holiness, the ultimate departure from the world after death will not help the Enlightened to have a healthy body – they simply conduct the subtle vibrations into the world, both from themselves and from the Creator.

If the interest is limited only to the healthy and beautiful body – there can be many recommendations. How to lose weight quickly or slowly. How to build muscle in the optimal mode for your body. What to eat and not to eat, and in what way. Whether to become a vegetarian, or a vegan. How to maintain good health and brain efficiency by eating raw food. Whether to do dry or wet fasting, carry out unloading periods on freshly squeezed juices, and how to do it better. What treatment options or drugs to choose from the alternative ones recommended by doctors. What sports activities, which coach or teacher, what exercise regime to choose, and which masseur to visit. And even how to choose the right surgeon and the optimal surgery time. The main thing is to choose the right questions so that your attractiveness for yourself or others, your well-being, and achievement of goals were in optimal balance.

However, the main task is not to promote the possibilities of the Divine worlds as a source of information for the benefit of people, and not as an opposition to the destructive mundane vibrations, but the promotion of your conscious work on Enlightenment. Then the program for working with your body will be an important and integral part of the program of soulfulness and Spirituality development, where success in working with the body will promote the soul and the Spirit development, and vice versa.

Work with the soul and the development of soulfulness is a constant, multifaceted, and long-term (from life to life) effort. When, as a result of many acts and decisions, we increasingly conquer our selfishness and narcissism, calm down the mundane vibrations, minimize the possibility of mundane vibrations injection from the outside, which launch a destructive internal dialogue, work on the internal transparency and light, and develop the ability to feel and think. Where communication, work, and family are the main elements for the degradation and coarsening of vibrations, or for the growth of soulfulness, the ability to experience and conduct more and more subtle vibrations into the world.

The development of soulfulness is not only learning to Love or opening Anahata to meet the Creator and the world – it is also a victory over your instincts and passions, emotions, and low impulses. We develop not only by developing light in ourselves, but also by working on our inner silence – regaining the starting ability not to succumb to the ‘injection’ of negative vibrations of the bottom astral, the dancing of the inner dialogue around our heads, and the resentments and passions in the subconscious. Working on your inner silence, you discover that meditation, concentration, deconcentration, and focusing is weaker than the direct inner silence. It is not the listed techniques that are the second most efficient, but the stopping of dialogue during specific energoinformational practices – it is stronger than yoga, meditations, and prayers, provided that the person practicing does not have a direct connection with the Creator. Therefore, I objectively rank the inner silence in its pure form (as a consequence of the correct practices) first and second in terms of efficiency. There is no need to use third-rate tools, which offer little, if the second-rate tools are available to all – and are noticeable within a few weeks; the first-rate tool is not available to all at once everyone on the move, but it is understandable and accessible to the diligent. In this case, the effect is several times stronger than that of typical meditations, mantras, the conscious performance of each action, and so on.

For example, if you want your mantra, prayer, or tired silence in the lotus position or Shavasana after yoga co-vibrate with the Creator – my help will be extremely useful.

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