Main Practices

Those who want to understand the issues of consciousness development, spiritual development, and Enlightenment periodically ask what combinations of spiritual practices and techniques can contribute to the attainment of Enlightenment. Actually, it is inappropriate to limit ourselves to ‘spiritual practices’; accordingly, in the subpages of this section, you can get acquainted with the main practices, with which we successfully work within the framework of the Triple Integrity Methodology, providing development at the body-soul-Spirit levels. At a minimum, it is useful to get acquainted with these descriptions to shift the understanding of the foundations to other practices of your interest, and get a much greater result from them. At a maximum, this information is necessary for the conscious practice of these techniques, on the background of parallel work on the development of soulfullness and spirituality, to ensure the ‘leap forward and upward’ – to self-development and Enlightenment.


Vibration Frequencies

Obtaining information


Physical practices

Nutrition and starvation


Religious practices

Egregor-based practice

Other practices