Let us try to describe the process of learning Reiki energy by a person. Of course, based on the assumption that the person is lucky enough to meet the Reiki Master who correctly works with energy and conducts the necessary spectrum of vibrations. We will describe the example of Western-style work with Reiki.

Initially, the person attends Reiki sessions as a patient. They lie with their eyes closed, and the Reiki Master puts their hands on different parts of the person’s body. And although it seems that the Reiki Master does nothing, the body feels light and relaxes, the organs react to the hands of the Master, the patient feels drowsy, and often falls asleep at the end of the session. After the session, one feels full of beans, lighter and brighter, for about three days – with a constant decrease in the positive feeling, as the Reiki energy leaves their biofield.

In case of multiple Reiki sessions, or a higher sensitivity, the patient feels the vibrations filling the body and the heat coming from the hands of the Reiki Master during the session.

Over time, the person decides to change their status from ‘patient’ to ‘disciple’, by receiving initiation into Reiki (Reiki I). The basic level initiation is usually carried out in a group, since it is quite cheap, and the Reiki Master needs to have a few students, so as not to be at serious loss (renting a space, spending time, etc.). At the initiation, the Master explains the theory and invites each student individually for initiation. The students sit with closed eyes, without moving, not interfering with the Master activating the chakras and the mini chakras involved in the process, ‘opening and pushing through’ the Reiki channel, connecting the student to the Reiki egregor. The student must go through four such initiations, accordingly, the first level of training takes from 2 to 4 days, depending on how many students there are and what schedule the Master selects.

After initiation into Reiki, the disciple works out the channel, for which they do not conduct Reiki energy to other people; perform Reiki sessions to themselves twice a day; change the diet, reducing the mundaneness of vibrations consumed with food; and conduct inner work, with the aim of transforming, reducing mundane vibrations in themselves and increasing subtle ones, for a month (21-28 days).

After working out the Reiki channel, most students already feel the Reiki energy, both with the body, receiving it, and with the palms, conducting the energy through themselves and through their Reiki channel. This practice is by no means compatible with bioenergoinformational therapy, where the healer uses the energy of their biofield. At a Reiki session, the conductor becomes ‘empty’, and conducts only the Reiki energy to the patient. They do not transfer their own energy, on the contrary – they get a collateral positive impact of the Reiki energy passing through the healer on themselves. So the next step is to periodically work with themselves, and with patients. It may take years until the next Reiki initiation, and until the person feels ready.

Initiation into the Reiki symbols (Reiki II) is usually held in a group. All disciples listen to the theory, and then are invited to initiation one at a time. In this case, each of them receives three initiations, one for each of the three symbols. Therefore, traditionally, initiation takes three days, although if necessary, you can pass it in a day and a half.

Working out the three Reiki symbols, the disciples also tighten their approach to nutrition, providing themselves with subtle vibrations. And they continue their inner work on conducting ever subtler vibrations. Having mastered the Reiki symbols, the disciple can eliminate the accumulated negative energy before filling themselves with the Reiki energy; increase the flow of energy; work with chakras; work with the fulfillment of desires; remotely work with patients; work with the past and future; cleanse territories and premises; set up protection. It is better to start working with patients after mastering the Reiki symbols, since disciples lack the experience and skills for this after the first initiation (Reiki I).

If you receive both initiations (I & II) at once, then you set yourself extremely serious tasks on further development and a radical lifestyle change.

The Reiki Master training is personalized. The disciple goes through initiation into the Master’s symbol (Reiki III); after working it out, they get an opportunity to enhance the Reiki energy flow and initiate students into Reiki (Reiki I & II).

Having trained a certain number of disciples and having done the necessary inner work, the Master gets the Grand-Master training (Reiki IV), receiving the corresponding symbol and the opportunity to provide initiation into the Reiki Master and the Grand-Master. And although the Master formally is called the Grand-Master from the moment of passing the corresponding initiation, a person becomes a mature Grand-Master after training a certain number of Masters and performing the necessary inner work.

By this time, a huge experience is gathered with patients, disciples, and Reiki energy in a variety of situations and its manifestations, the flow becomes very strong and filled. There comes the understanding what Reiki is, and what are its possibilities and role in mental and spiritual development.

As Reiki Grand-Master working with a full spectrum of vibrations and conducting the Reiki flow in full spectrum and volume, I can successfully provide initiation into Reiki to those who previously had a negative experience with the closure of channel after initiation. To do this, it is enough to attend the group initiation into Reiki I & II at one of the Triple Integrity Academies. Individual services include Reiki initiation at all levels, conducting sessions (including remote), cleansing items, charging talismans, and cleansing the premises of energoinformational contamination. Although, if there is significant contamination or geopathic zones, cleansing of premises with Vibration Frequencies is required. Individual services are provided at the Triple Integrity office, on the customer’s territory, during the Academy (the day before the Academy, early morning and late evening on the days of the Academy, and the day after the Academy), and remotely.

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