Enlightenment is more a process than a result. But in no case is it just a process, as those, who are not able to estimate the progress of the one on the way to Enlightenment, believe. This is a combination of reliable information as to where and how to move on, and correct and continuous work on yourself to achieve your goals. You need to take hundreds of thousands of decisions and commit millions of actions over the multiple rebirths on earth, to learn to really think and feel. To develop your will power and discipline to move forward. To live through all good and bad, absorb the entire experience of many lives. To learn how to remember and, more importantly, how to forget. To have both the desire and the opportunity to pull yourself together and fight for the Enlightenment and ultimate liberation.

Now it is clearly visible how the world has approached the moment of transformation, the transition – when those who had chosen Enlightenment have fully realized themselves and leave the material plane, parting from the Earth (or its remnants) – a dying and disconnected technogenic civilization of ‘those who missed their chance.’

Interest in yoga and qigong, astrology and tarot cards, alcohol and drugs, sexual emancipation and experimentation, magic and shamanism, sports and a healthy lifestyle, environmental protection, vegetarianism, and veganism. In a way, each of these aspirations is based on an unrealized craving for Enlightenment. On the desire to learn something, to change, and to become a little more understanding, a little more joyful, a little freer, and happy person – by continuing to pursue the goal into infinity, we will attain awareness, Enlightenment, and liberation.

But no one has taught us to experience real feelings, sense vibrations, and communicate with the Creator. But then we have been taught to feel instincts, passions, and emotions since our early childhood. Therefore, being the narrow-minded limitations of our Ego, we almost always realize our aspiration to something in a completely wrong way, degrading instead of developing, and failing to reach our goals.

Do we set ourselves the goal of dying from lung cancer, losing the ability to breathe normally, not being able to think about something without smoking a cigarette, spending money and time when we start smoking? No, we do it thinking it will make us a little happier. The same with alcohol and drug addiction.

Do we set ourselves the goal to stretch our stomach, get used to the consumption of such ‘drugs’ as fast carbohydrates and processed foods with sugar, gain weight, compromise and slow down the metabolism, and lose health when we consume food in our childhood and adolescence? No, we just want to live, eat a lot of tasty meals – following the example of the people who surround us.

Becoming a vegetarian or vegan before we become parents – do we set ourselves the goal to deprive our body of the components necessary for the body, prevent it from functioning properly, significantly reduce our sexual libido, deprive ourselves of the mental acuity and the will – i.e. the strength for heroic deeds? To give birth to weak children with multiplying health problems? No, we just do not want to feel ourselves ‘contaminated’ and want to improve the world.

When we turn to astrologers, tarot cards readers, or psychics – do we want to relieve the boredom, allow somebody to deceive us and lead us astray in exchange for our own money, get information that will deprive us of our happy and successful life? No, we just want to know more, learn something, find the right way out of the situation, get help from something subtle or mystical. Forge our way forward from the limitations.

When we start to work with the subtle or mundane vibrations ourselves – do we set ourselves the goal of reducing to psychic practice, fortunetelling, and even to the black magic, destroying our lives and destiny, having received karmic work offs for this and the following lives? No, we just want to take the easiest way, the way with the most mundane vibrations, which prevail in us. This is the way of the weak and lazy. And most importantly, it is a wrong way.

We will make efforts until the multitude of wrong actions convinces us that it is easier not to do anything at all. Our whole life is a series of efforts and actions. Movement towards the Enlightenment is just a series of right efforts, instead of wrong ones. Opting for subtle vibrations, lightness, and ‘rightness’. At each point in time, we have several possible scenarios for further development. By taking the right decisions, we strengthen the optimal scenarios, and vice versa.

Develop your soulfulness consciously. Find the meaning of life. Find your love. Develop your spirituality. Create a happy family. Do so that there is more light and more presence of the Creator in you and in the world around you. As a first step, just look at the relevant sections of the site, or read the book “TRIPLE INTEGRITY – About a  Human Being Development”. Those goals that you thought were difficult to achieve will be achieved in passing on your path to Enlightenment.

I will assist you in clarifying many issues, including assessment of the current situation, condition, and vibrations. I will also tell you what further steps are possible depending on your goals.

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